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Welle Manor Hall, in Upwell, Norfolk UK


In 974 A.D - Benedictine Monks first took possession of The Welle Estate in Norfolk and established fascinating herb gardens, which were the basis for the various potions and alms administered to the local populace, for the Monks were concerned for the physical well being, as well as the spiritual well being of their flock. Throughout the Middle Ages everyone relied upon the curative properties of herbs for the relief of their ills.

1256 - The recipe for herbal tonic had been recorded by the monks at Upwell, deemed by them to be “nature’s answer to tenseness, tiredness and lowness of spirits”. Thus Norfolk Punch was born.

1539 - Henry VIII dissolved the monastic orders and confiscated their properties. the formula of Norfolk Punch was recorded and hidden by the monks.

1980 -The formula lay hidden for centuries, until its discovery by Eric St.John-Foti in a priest hole in the 1980's, who had purchased Welle Manor Hall. The medieval manuscript took several years to translate reviving the ancient formula of Norfolk Punch a monastic herbal drink made from an ancient Fenland formula

medieval manuscript holding the formula of Norfolk Punch