Making My Bread Pudding

I have been making bread pudding as long as I can remember and it was the very first  item on my desserts menu in my Traditional Pie and Mash shop in Felixstowe Suffolk UK. It is surprising how many people are confused, even the internet search engines don’t know what a bread pudding looks like and get mixed up with Bread ‘n’ Butter Pudding.

Over the years I have used all sorts of bread mostly commercial the same as you buy in the supermarket. So I could label my Puddings with ‘Just Pure Ingredients Only’ I decided to make and bake my own wholemeal bread loafs.

Lallemand Live Yeast

I am so lucky being Felixstowe based for we have ‘Lallemand’ an international Company with one of their products being ‘fresh baker’s yeast’

I use 3 kilos of Fruit for each tray  being currants, raisins and sultanas which I then wash under running water until complexly clear which takes can take up to 2 hours stirring at intervals.

I then fold the fruit into my bread mix with 1k of candy peel. I line out a deep sided baking tray and place sliced eating apple (braeburn or gala) with some lemon zest. The Bread Pudding eventually will be vacuum packed and the apple slices will keep it moist with that squidgy bounce that I seek. I then cover with the mix and bake.