4 Pies 4 Liquor 1 Kilo of uncooked Jersey Royals bunch of Parsley 250g and bunch of Mint 250g and please pick 1 (one) complementary item



Spring has Sprung!

A small window of opportunity opens at this time of year for you to devour an incredible dish of Pie, Potato and Liquor at home, GUARANTEED the likes you have never tasted before.

In the early weeks of May, three ingredients from different parts of The British Isles come into season. Eels/stock from Lough Neagh, a large freshwater lake in Northern Ireland from which I use the simmering liquid to make my Liquor. The very first pickings of English Parsley, also used in my Liquor, roughly chopped and sprinkled on to legendary Jersey Royals from the Channel Island of Jersey.

       The ‘Pie’n’Jersey’ package flavour cannot be beaten or replicated !

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PLJR, with Extra Pie, with Extra Liquor (small), with Extra Liquor (Large), Complementary Bread Pudding, Complementary Pie Shop Vinegar, Complementary Chilli Vinegar, Stewed Eels in Liquor, Jellied Eels 7 cuts, Jellied Eels £12 Tub